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Durable, Low-Cost Composite Siding in Arkansas


Premier Composite Siding Services in Little Rock, AR

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Composite Siding

When it comes to investing in the exterior of your home or business, quality is everything. You only get one chance at a first impression—what do you want your home to say to people as they approach? At PermaSteel, we believe that every Arkansas homeowner should have access to high-quality products that last at affordable prices.

Our composite siding panels are the premier choice for residential and commercial customers in Arkansas for their impressive durability, quality, and low maintenance nature. If you’re looking for exterior siding panels that look as good in ten years as they do the day we install them, it’s time to talk about composite siding.

Composite Exterior Siding Panels

As roof and siding experts, our customers often ask us ‘what is composite siding?’ As the newest type of siding to take over the market, composite siding has quickly become a favorite for many homeowners and businesses. Because this premier siding option requires little to no maintenance and can stand up to even the harshest climates, it’s a fantastic choice for residential and commercial customers from Florida to Minnesota.

Unlike other types of exterior siding, composite siding is fully resistant to water damage and will never swell, split, or rot. Say goodbye to the costly recurring maintenance needs that you have grown accustomed to in the past. With PermaSteel’s composite exterior siding panels, the only maintenance you will ever have to worry about is the occasional quick wash to remove your basic dust and dirt.

PermaSteel For Your Composite Siding Needs

As one of Arkansas’ leading roof and siding providers, PermaSteel has over 20 years of experience delivering superior products to homeowners at unbeatable rates. We are committed to not only meeting our clients’ expectations but exceeding them.

You deserve nothing but the best in aesthetic appeal, safety, and security for your home—and we intend to make sure you get it. So, why should you choose PermaSteel?

Speedy Instllation

Excellent Customer Service

Customizable Siding Options

High-Quality Products

Outstanding Prices

Composite Siding vs. Vinyl Siding

While composite wood siding and vinyl siding are both desirable siding options with their own unique set of benefits, there are some distinct differences to be aware of. The primary difference is, obviously, the material. Composite siding is made from scrap wood that has been compressed and bonded with resin, then treated to repel insects.

On the flip side, vinyl siding is a manmade material made from plastic resin and fillers. Both types of siding panels are revered for being easy to maintain, long-lasting, and stylish. However, vinyl siding tends to fall short in providing adequate insulation and has been known to expand or contract in times of harsh weather conditions.

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Premier Composite Siding in Little Rock, AR

Looking for the best siding panels for homes or businesses? With an expansive selection of customizable siding options to suit any style and budget, you can find whatever you need at PermaSteel. If you’re located in the greater Little Rock area, give us a call and let us bring your vision to life.

Ready to find out why so many Arkansas homeowners choose PermaSteel for their siding needs? Contact us today for a free quote from a composite siding expert.

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